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2/8/2016 News

"Blue Pen Studying Method (Atamaga yokunaru Ao-pen Benkyo-ho)" by Hideki Aikawa, CEO of Admissions Office Inc., was introduced in PRESIDENT (2016.2.29), a sister magazine of Time Inc.'s FORTUNE.


Mission Statement

Admissions Office Inc. is committed to cultivating future leaders, by providing global-standard education opportunities to Japanese secondary education institutions through partnerships with Japanese and foreign universities and organizations.

Ten proposals for future education

  1. 1. Make it a habit to find and take opportunities by yourself, in that there is limited time available to you.
  2. 2. Aim to become a person who can identify problems and develop creative and innovative solutions.
  3. 3. Believe that you and your peers are capable and responsible young adults, and act accordingly.
  4. 4. Be aware of your position on the global stage. Identify your mission in life and cultivate your fields of expertise.
  5. 5. Be passionate about self-improvement, and do not underestimate yourself when planning your future.
  1. 6. Put forward your own opinions and gain the skills to communicate and understand a wide variety of values.
  2. 7. Be proud to contribute to your community, and strive to provide happiness for those around you.
  3. 8. Keep an open mind when choosing a profession, and rise to global challenges.
  4. 9. Realize that society has problems that must be solved, and that you can bring about change to solve them.
  5. 10. Build a global network of peers, and consult with them as you progress toward your goals.

Education Reform

Contributing to a revolution in university applications

In Japan today, universities depend on paper based standardized exams to measure students’ academic ability. Obviously, this leads to a very narrow perspective of students’ ability. In line with this fact, the bulk of Japanese pre-college education prepares students to do well on these paper based exams. However, more is required of students in this global age than the ability to provide answers to test questions. It is the ability to challenge problems which have no answers, to set goals in line with their personal strengths and abilities, and take action to work toward those goals. If universities adopt a multi-dimensional approach to measure the unique talents and potential of candidates, education in Japan will change. Our mission is to provide a platform and solutions for positive change in Japan’s university admis-sions field.

Achieving global standard education in Japan

Japan is said to be behind in global standard education. This is the product of an education system which puts heavy emphasis on admission test scores to judge students’ ability. On an individual basis, there are Japanese researchers and academics accomplishing great things on the global stage. We believe that students also have the potential to achieve this, and it should be fostered. By matching these teachers and learners, it will be possible to bring the global standard to Japan. We aim to continue to develop curriculum that acts as a bridge between global teachers and learners.

Offering the choice of universities from the world map

When compared with students from other Asian countries, the number of Japanese students who choose to study abroad is startlingly small. As international experience is extremely important in this era of globalization, this is an issue which needs solving. This issue does not stem from a lack of desire in students to go abroad, but it is rather a matter of not having the resources to seek the experience they want. The two major factors are a lack of supportive infrastructure and the language barrier existing between Japanese and English. We are working to assess and overcome these factors, and offer students the opportunity to pick their university from anywhere on the world map.

02Solution for Educational System

Consulting on Education Field & System Development

Providing support and platform for global standard education, study abroad, and accepting international students, we create an learning environment for individuals who can learn and work on the global stage.

The Admissions Office (TAO)

The Admissions Office (TAO)

The Admissions Office (TAO) a web-based admission platform as well as a consortium that allows students to apply multiple universities or colleges.



Users can record their everyday life experiences on Feelnote, an online portfolio system. Recording what you experienced and what you felt in one platform, you can build your personal brand which will link to various opportunities like the UCA, an online application consortium. You can design your future by opening up your experiences to the world through Feelnote.